Case History

My expected goals:

I`ll start in April, if the weather is O.K.!

My first goal is the North-Cape of Europe, which I want to reach at the 21th of June (the longest day of the year)

With a container-ship I`ll go to New York or another city, from where I want to go into the south of the USA, then to the west (Mexico) to go on to the north (Canada, maybe even Alaska).

With a container-ship I`ll go back to Mexico again. From there I`ll go to Guatemala, Costa Rica, ...

With the ship again I`ll go around Columbia to Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile up to Fireland!

I`ll change the Continent to Australia (the middle east) by passing New Zealand to cicle at first to the north, then to the west.

A great prolongation of my Tour would be a journey to South-Africa, Madagaskar, Tansania and Kenja.

Up to that time either three years should be over or all my money gone!